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Neck pain happens for various reasons, including cervical spine pressure, nerve inflammation, and spinal tension. Our neck doctors in Nashville and Franklin, Tennessee, are ready to help no matter where your neck pain started. They offer a variety of treatments to help you feel and function your best. Book through the online scheduler or call the office for an appointment today.


Neck Pain and Visiting a Neck Doctor in Nashville or Franklin, TN


What Causes Neck Pain?

Causes of Neck Pain

Neck pain is a common issue for both men and women. In most cases, acute (short-term) neck pain directly results from cervical spine pressure, nerve irritation, or nerve inflammation. 

The exact trigger of the pressure, irritation, or inflammation could be any of the following:

  • Sports injury
  • Poor posture
  • Car accidents
  • Repetitive neck movements
  • Sleeping with your neck in a bad position

If your neck pain continues for more than three months, it's considered chronic. The most common reasons for chronic neck pain are:

  • Herniated disc
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Myelopathy

Whether your neck pain started a few days ago or it's been lingering for years, you deserve relief. Elite Sports Medicine and Orthopedics offers a variety of solutions for long-term neck pain relief.


What Other Symptoms Go Along With Neck Pain?

In most cases, neck pain isn't the only problem with a neck injury or condition. You will often experience an inhibited range-of-motion, neck stiffness, or headaches or migraines.

Certain factors can worsen neck pain and its related symptoms, including inadequate sleep, smoking, and overworking.


Who Do I See For Neck Pain?

If you need a neck doctor, an orthopedic spine specialist can help. These back and neck doctors treat several conditions specific to the spinal cord.

Our Nashville neck doctors are fellowship-trained and board-certified orthopedists that offer advanced surgical techniques and technology.


How Do Neck Doctors Diagnose and Treat Neck Pain?

Your neck specialist asks about your symptoms and medical history and carefully examines your neck. It’s important to tell them about any recent injuries, even if they don’t seem related to your neck pain.

A neck specialist may order one or more tests, such as an X-ray or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan. These tests help them pinpoint the cause of your neck pain and develop a personalized treatment plan. Neck pain treatment at Elite Sports Medicine and Orthopedics begins with the least invasive options before surgery. If your neck pain is severe, or if it persists despite treatment, steroid injections or surgery may be necessary. 

Our doctors provide numerous treatments for neck pain, including the following.

Physical Therapy

Professionals may treat many neck issues through either active or passive physical therapy. A trained professional applies passive treatments through ultrasounds and massage therapy. 

Physical therapists guide active treatment, though you are the one doing the exercises. Physical therapy provides relief while helping you strengthen the muscles in your neck.

Cervical Facet Radiofrequency Neurotomy

Your doctor may recommend cervical facet radiofrequency neurotomy if physical therapy doesn't resolve your pain. This treatment helps with nerve pain of the neck. 

Your doctor applies heat to the medial nerve, which damages the area. Once the nerve is damaged, it will eventually die. This treatment can provide pain relief for several months or longer. The nerves eventually regenerate and may or may not experience pain again.

Cervical Selective Nerve Root Block

During this procedure, a doctor will inject medication around the nerve causing you pain. The anesthetic medication will "turn off" the nerve to stop the pain. If successful, your specialist may use this method for further treatment. If the pain continues, you may need to repeat the process to identify the pain-causing nerve. Your doctor may also recommend surgery.

Epidural Injections

A doctor uses a needle to put an anesthetic or corticosteroid into the afflicted area during epidural injections. The injection can reduce pain and inflammation in your neck. When other solutions such as physical therapy do not relieve your pain, An epidural injection could relieve your pain when other solutions such as physical therapy do not. You may need multiple injections to find long-term relief.

Other Treatments

Depending on your needs, treatment may include ice and heat therapy or pain medication. You may also need traction or immobilization with a collar that supports your neck. Most neck pain does not require surgery. There are instances where other treatments might work in reducing your pain. Your doctor can provide an analysis and suggestion regarding surgery.


Neck Pain Prevention 

neck pain prevention

Neck pain often stems from overuse or incorrect posture. Try these tips to prevent your neck pain:

  • Keep your computer at eye level
  • Use a supportive chair when working
  • Sleep on your back
  • Look at your phone less
  • Exercise and stretch often 


Take Care of Neck Pain in Nashville, Tennessee, at Elite Sports Medicine and Orthopedics

Neck pain impacts your daily movements, especially since it can cause headaches and decreased mobility. Neck pain specialists at Elite Sports Medicine and Orthopedics can help you regain movement and achieve a pain-free life.

Our team will walk you through your options and design a treatment plan that works best for your needs. Physical therapy, medication, and nerve blocks are some of the ways our team works to lessen your neck pain. Our highly trained professionals will guide you through exercises and perform treatments. Rest assured knowing we will work with you through the healing process.

If you're ready to get relief today, use online scheduling or call one of our locations to book an appointment.




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