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Physical therapy is the cornerstone of postoperative rehabilitation, chronic pain management, and successful recovery from injury. At Elite Sports Medicine and Orthopedics, you can benefit from onsite orthopedic physical therapy in one of our Nashville or Franklin, Tennessee facilities. Our clinics are staffed by experienced, highly qualified occupational and orthopedic physical therapists. Call or book online today.


Physical Therapy in Nashville and Franklin, Tennessee



MPOWER Physical Therapy is Elite's physical therapy provider in Nashville and Middle Tennessee. They provide a range of services including but not limited to:

  • Athletic injury rehabilitation
  • Spine care
  • Foot and ankle injuries 
  • Hip and knee injuries 
  • Shoulder, elbow, and wrist injuries 
  • Postoperative care
  • Arthritis management


Why Choose MPOWER for Physical Therapy?

physical therapy

MPOWER is the premier orthopedic physical therapy option in Nashville and Franklin, TN. 

Our People: Friendly, high-energy team members focused on patient outcomes.

Our Facilities: Modern, clean, and accessible facilities located in great areas.

Our Tools & Techniques: Highest quality equipment with the latest clinical techniques.


What is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy is one of the primary treatment methods for helping patients recover from injuries, regain fitness after surgery, and manage chronic pain. Physical therapists are the specialist clinicians who excel in assessing your body's movement and function. They work with you to aid your rehabilitation by increasing your range of motion, balance, and strength.

Elite's Franklin and Nashville physical therapists customize your treatment program to your specific needs. They work closely with other team members like your orthopedic surgeon to maximize your quality of life and help you get back to doing the activities you love.


What Can I Expect From Physical Therapy at Elite? 

Your first physical therapy visit will consist of an initial assessment. Your PT will review your medical history, evaluate your strength, balance, and flexibility. In addition, they will ask you about your symptoms, concerns, and goals. 

Based on your initial assessment, your physical therapist will determine a treatment plan. 


What Treatments Might Elite's Physical Therapists Offer?

There are many different types of physical therapy. The ones included in your treatment program respect your limitations and form part of a corresponding care plan.

Examples of treatments the Elite Sports Medicine and Orthopedics physical therapy team specializes in include:

Dry Needling

Dry needling (also known as intramuscular manual therapy) enables your therapist to target trigger points in your muscles that aren't accessible using traditional manual techniques. A dry needle does not deliver any medication – it only accesses your trigger points and releases muscle tension. As a result, your pain levels fall, and your movement improves.

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM)

IASTM uses tools with a unique ergonomic design to help break down scar tissue and heal soft tissue injuries.

Exercise Therapy

Exercise therapy focuses on maintaining or improving your muscles' strength, flexibility, and resilience. This type of therapy can include various exercises, including yoga and aerobics. Your physical therapist will create a treatment plan customized to your needs and teach you the proper movements.

Hand Therapy

When you have pain in your hands and arms, a hand therapist can help. Arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and stroke are some of the many ways your hands and arms may be affected. Exercises and electrical stimulation are examples of what hand therapists might perform.

Balance Retraining and Vestibular Rehabilitation

Balance disorders can be frustrating and cause dizziness, further exacerbating the problem. Inner ear problems, stroke, and other injuries and conditions can cause balance issues. A physical therapist can develop a treatment plan to decrease your problems with dizziness during movement.

Additional Treatments

Often, your physical therapy plans will also incorporate other treatments. These can include massage therapy, ultrasounds, heat, and ice. Some offices also use aquatic therapy. Your physical therapist can determine which treatments are necessary for your rehabilitation and pain management. Your physical therapist will create a specialized plan to help you safely progress through the recovery process.


Why Is Physical Therapy So Important?

patient doing physical therapy

Physical therapy is a vital element of recovery from virtually all musculoskeletal injuries and disorders. Without physical therapy, both the injured tissues and the surrounding muscles weaken from lack of use, leading to problems like atrophy.

It's also important that you don't do too much or the wrong thing, and your physical therapist can show you exactly what you should and shouldn't be doing. Following your physical therapy plan, including doing the home activities set by your therapist, is crucial to successful healing.

Physical therapy can provide additional benefits to those who attend regularly scheduled sessions. Physical therapy can help you manage pain from ongoing or chronic injuries and conditions. 

Physical therapy can also prevent surgery in some cases. If physical therapy is effective, problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome may resolve without surgery.

When you can move uninhibited, you can better perform your daily routines. Everything from washing the dishes to typing on the computer requires some movement. When physical therapists teach you to manage pain, you can get back to your regular schedule.


Contact Us About Physical Therapy in Nashville Today

The Elite Sports Medicine and Orthopedics team could prescribe physical or occupational therapy as part of your treatment program at any point during your orthopedic care. Physical therapy allows you to regain lost strength or movement from injury, surgery, or other conditions. A healthy and functional body is vital to completing numerous essential tasks. Physical therapy can provide the care you need to return to the life you love.

Our doctors and physical therapists will design a treatment plan specifically for your needs. Our advanced technology allows us to perform an examination on-site and start the treatment process right away. Consider physical therapy when home remedies don't resolve pain in your arms, neck, legs, or other body parts. Our specialists know the exercises and other therapeutic measures to provide relief.

Get the benefits of physical therapy in Franklin or Nashville, Tennessee, by calling Elite Sports Medicine and Orthopedics at 615-324-1600. You can also book an appointment online today.