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A rupture of your Achilles tendon is a disabling injury that may not heal on its own. If you damage your tendon like this, the board-certified surgeons at Elite Sports Medicine + Orthopedics in Tennessee can help by performing advanced Achilles tendon repair using minimally invasive techniques. Elite Sports Medicine + Orthopedics has four locations in Nashville and one in Franklin, Tennessee, so call the one nearest you to schedule an appointment or book online today.


Achilles Tendon Repair Q & A


Why do I Need an Achilles Tendon Repair?

You might need an Achilles tendon repair if you suffer a severe injury, and non-surgical treatments do not heal the damage.

Your Achilles tendon is a thick, tough piece of connective tissue at the back of your leg. It connects your heel to your calf muscle so you can walk, run, and jump. This tendon is the largest in your entire body, and it's extremely strong.

It's possible to tear your Achilles tendon if you put it under excessive strain. More commonly, overuse or repetitive strain leads to the development of numerous tiny tears. This condition, known as tendonitis, can cause the tendon to break down, leading to chronic and painful tendinosis.

Non-invasive treatments, including rest, immobilization, and physical therapy, often give the tendon a chance to heal. However, some injuries are too severe or fail to respond to these measures, in which case Achilles tendon repair might be necessary.


What are the Signs That I've Injured my Achilles Tendon?

The signs and symptoms of an achilles tendon injury will depend on the severity of the injury. Here are some common signs and symptoms to look out for:

  • You have severe foot pain and swelling, specifically in the heel
  • There is a "pop" when you are injured
  • You feel like you've been kicked in the calf
  • You are unable to bend your foot downward


Are Achilles Tendon Repairs Only Necessary for Athletes?

Achilles tendon pain athlete

It's a common misconception that only athletes can tear their Achilles tendons. While being active can increase your chances of injury, you don't need to be a recreational, professional or elite athlete to need the services of an Achilles tendon surgeon.


Will I Know Immediately if I've Injured my Achilles Tendon?

Most people experience a sudden popping sound and difficulty moving their leg when their Achilles tendon has completely ruptured. However, your signs and symptoms may vary. In some cases, patients who require Achilles tendon surgery barely experience any discomfort. Instead, they may just feel that something seems to be wrong.

It's always best to see a healthcare provider if you notice any changes in your body, including in your Achilles tendon.


Can I Self-Treat a Ruptured or Otherwise Injured Achilles Tendon?

After an Achilles tendon injury, you should get a diagnosis from a well-trained specialist at a place like Elite Sports Medicine and Orthopedics. That way, you can be sure that you receive a treatment plan personalized for your case.

While you can take care of some symptoms of your Achilles tendon injury at home, you can't reverse the damage on your own if you require Achilles tendon surgery. The longer you wait to address your injured Achilles tendon, the worse your condition is likely to become.


What does Achilles Tendon Repair Involve?

In some cases, your provider at Elite Sports Medicine and Orthopedics might be able to repair the Achilles tendon by sewing the torn ends together again. 

However, if there's extensive damage to your Achilles tendon, your provider might need to use a graft to repair it. The tissue for the graft usually comes from a tendon in another part of your foot.

If possible, your provider uses minimally invasive techniques to perform Achilles tendon repair. That means making several small incisions in your leg instead of the single, long incision typical of open surgery. Benefits of this minimally invasive approach include less pain and faster healing.


How Long is the Recovery Period After Achilles Tendon Repair?

Recovery from Achilles tendon repair could take anywhere from six to 12 months. Many factors influence your recovery, including:

  • The extent of the repair.
  • What your fitness level is.
  • Your age.
  • Your general health.
  • How well you follow your rehabilitation program.

First, you need to have a splint on your ankle and use crutches to avoid straining the tendon. After about 10 days, your provider removes the splint and takes any stitches out.


Is Physical Therapy Recommended After Achilles Tendon Surgery?

Achilles tendon repair physical therapy

Almost all patients who undergo Achilles tendon repair require some form of physical therapy as part of their rehabilitation. You may also be asked to undergo pre-surgical therapy if your Achilles tendon doctor feels it would be wise.

Remember that therapy will help you regain full use of your Achilles tendon after surgery. It's critical that you remain compliant with your rehabilitation plan to get the best possible outcome from your surgery.


How Can I Choose the Right Surgeon to Operate on my Injured Achilles Tendon?

Are you new to needing surgical repair of your soft tissues? You may be unfamiliar with Achilles tendon specialists in your area. Some of the best ways to find the right fit when it comes to an Achilles tendon surgeon include:

  • Looking over the surgeon's website to learn more about the surgeon's background.
  • Reading through online patient reviews and testimonials, if they are available.
  • Asking friends, family, colleagues and neighbors for recommendations.
  • Asking your primary care provider for a referral.
  • Speaking with your insurance company about getting an in-plan referral to an Achilles tendon doctor.

Of course, you should come prepared for your first meeting with a potential Achilles tendon specialist. Getting answers to your questions upfront will help you be more confident about your decision.


How Much Will it Cost to Repair my Achilles Tendon?

The cost to repair an Achilles tendon varies widely depending on everything from your case to your insurance coverage. Be sure to review our list of accepted insurances before scheduling an appointment with us. 

If you have Achilles tendon problems that aren't responding to other treatments, find out more about Achilles tendon repair by contacting Elite Sports Medicine and Orthopedics. Call or book an appointment online today.


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