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Elbow pain is extremely common in athletes. However, conditions like golfer's and tennis elbow may arise in everyday life. If you have elbow pain, the board-certified surgical team at Elite Sports Medicine + Orthopedics can help. With four locations in Nashville and one in Franklin, Tennessee, they deliver expert treatments for elbow pain, including Tommy John surgery and ulnar nerve transposition. To get prompt treatment for your elbow pain, call the Elite office or book an appointment online today.

Elbow Pain Q & A

What might be causing my elbow pain?

Elbow pain is likely to result from either an injury or a deterioration in the joint’s tissues. Another frequent cause of elbow pain and weakness is cubital tunnel syndrome, which occurs when the ulnar nerve in your elbow comes under pressure.

Osteoarthritis is the primary cause of arthritic elbow pain. It sets in after years of activity, leading to the wearing away of the protective articular cartilage on the bones in your joints, causing inflammation, stiffness, and pain.

Acute injuries are the likeliest cause of sudden elbow pain. It's not uncommon to bang your elbow or overstress the joint when you're working or playing sports. A UCL (ulnar collateral ligament) tear is a type of acute elbow injury. 

Elbow pain that comes on more slowly could be due to repetitive strain or overuse. This strain triggers inflammation in your soft tissues, causing tendinitis, tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis), and golfer's elbow (medial epicondylitis).

How is elbow pain treated?

Diagnosing the cause of your elbow pain is important to ensure you receive the right treatment. Elite Sports Medicine + Orthopedics has state-of-the-art onsite diagnostic testing facilities to aid in assessing your elbow pain.

A serious injury like a fracture might require urgent surgery to repair the broken bones, followed by immobilization. For non-emergency causes of elbow pain, your provider prepares a suitable treatment plan based on conservative measures such as:

  • Rest and activity modification
  • Physical therapy
  • Bracing
  • Anti-inflammatory medication
  • Joint injections
  • Regenerative medicine

In many instances, these methods work well in relieving elbow pain, but certain elbow problems might require surgical intervention.

What type of surgery might I need for elbow pain?

Examples of the types of surgery you might need for elbow pain include:

UCL (ulnar collateral ligament) repair    

The Elite Sports Medicine + Orthopedics team might be able to make a direct repair of an acute UCL tear where the ligament has come away from the bone.

Tommy John surgery (ulnar collateral ligament reconstruction)

If your UCL tear is more complicated or the result of a gradual deterioration in the ligament, direct repair may be impossible. In this case, the team selects a tendon from somewhere else in your body or uses donor tissue to make a graft that replaces the damaged UCL.

Ulnar nerve transposition

If you have cubital tunnel syndrome, the team can reposition your ulnar nerve to relieve the compression causing your elbow pain.

To find out more and get the treatment that's right for you, call Elite Sports Medicine + Orthopedics or book an appointment online today.


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