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When other treatments aren't relieving your pain and disability, joint replacement surgery could give you hope for the future. If joint pain is overwhelming you, the board-certified surgeons at Elite Sports Medicine + Orthopedics can help. They are experts in performing joint replacement surgeries, often using minimally invasive arthroscopic techniques that ensure less pain and a faster recovery. Elite Sports Medicine + Orthopedics has four locations in Nashville and one in Franklin, Tennessee, so contact the office nearest you to schedule an appointment. Call or book online today.

Joint Replacement Surgeries

What are joint replacement surgeries?

You may need a joint replacement surgery if you damage a joint or suffer severe joint deterioration. This damage could be due to:

  • Acute trauma
  • Arthritis (particularly osteoarthritis)
  • Repetitive stress injuries
  • Osteonecrosis (bone death)

Joint replacement surgeries effectively address these serious issues when other treatments are ineffective or unsuitable.

Joint damage can be excruciating and interfere with your ability to lead a normal life. However, technological advancements and new surgical techniques make replacement surgeries safer and implants longer-lasting than ever before.

What joint replacement surgeries might I need?

Knee and hip replacement surgeries are the most common, but you can also benefit from joint replacement surgery of the:

  • Shoulder
  • Wrist
  • Elbow
  • Ankle

It's now possible to replace small joints in the toes and fingers as well.

What types of joint replacement surgeries are available?

There are several types of joint replacement surgeries available:

Total joint replacement

In this procedure, your surgeon at Elite Sports Medicine + Orthopedics removes the ends of both bones in the joint and replaces them with artificial components.

Partial joint replacement

If the end of one of the bones in the joint is still sound, your surgeon may only need to remove part of the other bone. Partial joint replacement is less common than total joint replacement.

Reverse total shoulder replacement

If you have severe shoulder instability from repeated dislocations or rotator cuff tears, your surgeon may switch the position of the ball and socket elements. This improves stability without severely impacting your range of motion.

Revision joint replacement

Revision surgery might be necessary if you've already received a new joint, but something has worn out or malfunctioned. These surgeries are highly complex.

The type of joint replacement surgery needed depends on your joint condition and factors like your age and other health problems.

How is joint replacement surgery performed?

Your surgical team at Elite Sports Medicine + Orthopedics may perform open surgery for some joint replacements, but if it's possible, they use minimally invasive arthroscopic techniques.

An arthroscope is a narrow, flexible tube fitted with a camera placed inside your joint through a tiny incision. The arthroscope's camera sends back images of the inside of the joint to a monitor that your surgeon uses to guide the surgery.

Arthroscopy causes significantly less damage to the tissues surrounding your joints, so you feel less pain and recover more quickly.

If you have joint pain and no other treatment is helping, call Elite Sports Medicine + Orthopedics to discuss joint replacement surgeries or book an appointment online today.



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