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Nashville Orthopedic Surgeon Team

An “Elite Lifer”

Denise Ozement has been a patient of Elite since 2007, receiving nine surgeries from four of our Nashville orthopedic surgeon team. She is a self-titled “Elite Lifer”.

Denise found Elite Sports Medicine + Orthopedics shortly after moving from Mississippi. She had experienced painful plantar fasciitis symptoms and heard Elite was home to the best orthopedics in Nashville.

Following a great initial first experience, she has since come back to receive surgical treatment on her ankle, shoulder, elbow, and most recently, her wrists.


Recent Treatment with Hand Specialist, Dr. Samuel Crosby

Dr. Samuel Crosby performed lateral epicondylitis surgery on Denise’s elbow in June of 2020 and bilateral endoscopic carpal tunnel release in October of 2020.


When She Knew It Was Time to See a Hand Specialist

“I had suspected for several years that I had carpel tunnel; however, it was more of a nuisance than anything else. Then things accelerated quickly. In about a month’s time, not only my wrists but my entire arm would go numb several times a day. It was worse in the left wrist and it got to the point where 5 minutes into driving anywhere my left wrist would start to go numb. I would also wake up several times at night due to one or both arms being numb.”

Numbness and night symptoms are two signs you should visit a hand doctor. Carpal tunnel syndrome is one of the most common conditions in the hand and wrist.


Working with Dr. Crosby

Denise wanted to return to a normal lifestyle again.

She was exhausted from waking up in the middle of the night from numbness. On top of that, she is a soccer referee, so she needed to be able to reach for items like her whistle without issue.

Denise was evaluated by Nashville orthopedic surgeon and hand specialist, Dr. Samuel Crosby. Together, they discussed treatment options and decided carpal tunnel surgery was her best course of action.

“Dr. Crosby was great. He offered me several options other than surgery, explained the risks and benefits of each treatment plan and suggested I do my own research as well. He is always professional, polite and is great at explaining things in language I can understand.”


Elite’s Orthopedic Clinic in Nashville, TN

“I LOVE Elite. I recommend Elite all the time to people I meet and have had several people come back and tell me they were very impressed with whom I recommended. It is always a great experience.”

Four surgeons have performed nine surgical procedures on Denise.


Foot and Ankle Surgeries with Dr. Willers

Denise has received several surgical procedures with foot and ankle specialist, Dr. Jeffrey Willers, including ankle ligament reconstruction, plantar fasciitis surgery on both feet, and metatarsal surgery.

Denise states that she is now walking without pain for the first time in years.

She is back to officiating soccer matches, her passion and end goal.


Knee Pain Treatment and Shoulder Surgery with Dr. Moore

Dr. David Moore has been providing orthopedic care for Denise since 2010 when she visited him for knee pain. She later visited him again following a bout with shoulder pain.

“Again, shoulder surgery with Dr. Moore was a game changer, allowing me to continue officiating without shoulder pain and being able to raise my flag to the appropriate level.”


Upcoming Knee Replacement

Though she has yet to speak with Dr. Moore, she has decided to have her knee replaced in May by Elite knee replacement doctor, Dr. Gregory Raab.

Dr. Raab is an award-winning joint replacement specialist who provides total knee and hip replacements and revisions.


Recommending our Nashville Orthopedic Surgeon Team

Even Denise’s closest friends and family have been seen by our orthopedic clinic.

Her husband is a patient of Dr. Chris Glattes, another Nashville orthopedic surgeon here at Elite. He performed a microdiscectomy on her husband’s spine at the end of 2020.

“He can work in the yard again and stand for much longer periods of time than prior to the surgery. I cannot say enough about the orthopedic doctors at Elite.

They are quite simply the best of the best. They care about their patients and want them to succeed. They are not quick to jump into surgery. Every doctor I have seen has provided me with several options prior to having surgery. If you elect to have surgery, they FIX the problem and get you back on the right path.”


Physical Therapy Treatment

Outside of seeing our orthopedists, Denise has completed physical therapy with Elite as well!

Onsite physical therapy made it convenient for Denise to attend physical therapy at the same place she sees her orthopedic doctor.

“They are top notch along with the onsite physical therapists. Both my husband and I have seen Elite’s physical therapists in the past year, and we both thought they were fabulous!”


If you are in pain, a Nashville orthopedic surgeon - like our experts here at Elite - may be able to provide relief. Return to what you love, and give us a call or request an appointment online today!

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