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Hip Doctor Testimonials - Kimberly

Dr. Brian Dierckman Patient, Kim



I’ve always been active in terms of physical fitness. In high school I played indoor and outdoor soccer, was a cheerleader, and a dancer. My physical fitness journey was put on pause when I became married and had two wonderful children with special needs.

When I was able to return to an active lifestyle, I did so, and I fell in love with a mixed martial arts group fitness class. I just loved it prior to suffering a slip-and-fall injury.



Torn Labrum Diagnosis

I was diagnosed with a torn labrum and was referred to Elite orthopedic hip specialist, Dr. Brian Dierckman, for treatment.



Working with Dr. Dierckman

Dr. Dierckman took a lot of time to really show me on scan why surgery was necessary. He walked through my diagnosis in terms I could understand.

There is a uniqueness to Dr. Dierckman from the standpoint that he was an athlete himself. He’s been in the shoes of a patient. That is huge. The insight you have from being a patient and then becoming a doctor because helping people is your passion – it is so rare.

As a Dr. Direckman patient, you can expect he will be insightful and patient with your personal recovery. In terms of orthopedic doctors, he’s as proactive as it gets.



Working with Elite Sports Medicine + Orthopedics

I recommend this practice and everyone in it to anyone that is suffering from joint pain. If you or your loved ones have an injury or need a surgical consult, Elite Sports Medicine + Orthopedics is definitely the place to go.

Dr. Brian Dierckman is a fellowship trained orthopedic specialist with significant experience treating hip pain, knee pain, and shoulder pain. Book an appointment with him or one of our many other skilled  orthopedic doctors in Nashville, TN and Franklin, TN.

Nick Flory

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