Shoulder Doctor Testimonials

Tennis Player Shoulder Injury

Elite Sports Medicine + Orthopedics is home to some of the best shoulder doctors in Nashville, TN. But don't take our word for it.

Below are testimonials from patients that came to Elite for shoulder pain.


Kassie Powell with Dr. Amanda Martin

Torn Labrum

I visited Elite when I dislocated my shoulder and suffered a torn labrum. I previously knew Dr. Martin, and I felt she was my best option to treat these shoulder injuries. I reached out to her and was able to be seen very quickly.

Working with Dr. Martin

When I came in, it was easy to explain to Dr. Martin what my issues were. I told her my limitations, we came up with goals, and then set expectations for what we needed to do from there. She made me feel comfortable with the surgery, which was performed only a week later.

Working with Dr. Martin has been phenomenal. I can’t say enough good things about her. She’s so personable and caring that I’ve been able to place my trust in her so easily. I’m grateful to have her as my shoulder doctor.


Vicki Archer with Dr. David Moore

Vicki was a patient of Dr. David Moore who came to Elite after unsuccessful treatment elswhere. With the help of Dr. Moore, Vicki was able to reach a successful outcome.

Initial Shoulder Pain

Last year, I was experiencing shoulder pain that was limiting most of my daily life. Typically, I play tennis a few times a week. However, since my shoulder pain began, I hadn’t played in months. Up until a certain point, I was still able to perform everyday activities.

Then my shoulder pain worsened. I couldn’t lift my arms, reach behind me, or do anything else necessary to live a normal life. I found it difficult to take care of my family who is reliant on me.

Meeting Dr. Moore

I had been to another orthopedic doctor and physical therapy clinic outside of Elite with no success. Dr. David Moore was recommended to me and I decided it was worth a shot.

I love him. He came in, looked me in the eyes when he spoke to me and adjusted to my personality. He has a confident demeanor but was also sensitive towards my needs. The first visit seemed very personal and gave me the comfort to know I was in the right hands.

I underwent an MRI, and he saw the tear in my shoulder. We decided that rotator cuff surgery would be my best course of action. The surgery was a success and I started physical therapy in Franklin, TN at MPower the next day.

Moving Forward

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to play tennis again for a while. However, I am functioning much better than I was previously.

I’m able to grocery shop and take care of my family again. I can fold clothes, reach for items, and do all these smalls things that previously caused me pain. My physical therapy has only moved forwards.

Elite has an organized plan catered to your needs. They treat you like a VIP with important one-on-one care.  It’s hard to put a value on the relationships I’ve developed since my first visit. Everyone has been so wonderful to me!


Wayne Rosatino with Dr. David Moore

I’ve had multiple surgeries performed by Elite’s orthopedic surgeons in Nashville, TN. Dr. David Moore, a sports medicine doctor, helped me with my shoulder pain by performing rotator cuff surgery. Dr. Gregory Raab, a joint replacement specialist, performed two total knee replacements. Both orthopedic surgeons have been great.

Dr. Moore as My Shoulder Doctor

My first experience at Elite was for my shoulder pain. Activities I normally did with ease had become increasingly limited. There were times I recall where I would be at the gym, and it would feel like I was being stabbed in the shoulder

I live an extremely active lifestyle, so the rotator cuff tear severely limited the capacity to lead my everyday life.

When I met with Dr. Moore, he was confident in his diagnosis. He suggested that I may be a candidate for surgery.

Everything he predicted was correct, and the surgery went as we anticipated. It took some time and hard work in physical therapy, but I was back to doing pull-ups, dips, and other shoulder intensive exercises a few months later.

It was a great result following that initial limitations my shoulder pain brought on.


Denise Ozement with Dr. David Moore

Denise Ozement is a self proclaimed "Elite Lifer". She has received nine surgeries from four of our Nashville orthopedic doctors since coming to Elite fourteen years ago.

Of those nine surgeries was shoulder surgery she received from Dr. David Moore.

In her own words, it was a game changer. As a soccer referee, shoulder pain had limited her ability to work. Following her treatment, Denise was able to get back to her normal life and physical activities.

Elite Sports Medicine and Orthopedics Elite Sports Medicine Team Elite's team of orthopedic surgeons, midlevels, and marketers coordinated on a written piece.

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