Foot Pain in Runners

Runner with foot pain


Foot and ankle pain is extremely common for runners. Learn common conditions that affect runners, treatment and prevention for foot pain, and more! 


Why Does Running Cause Foot Pain?

There are several reasons that runners can have foot pain. Foot pain may stem from improper footwear, injury, bad technique, running very long distances, and over-rotation of the foot.


What are Some Common Foot Conditions That Affect Runners?

Plantar fasciitis

This condition occurs when the plantar fascia tendon, the tendon that connects the heel to the front of the foot, is damaged. This can happen from overuse when running, improper form, and excessive force. If you have plantar fasciitis, you may experience heel pain, tightness in the foot, pain in the arch, or stabbing pain at the bottom of the foot.


A bunion is a bump next to the big toe that forms when the bones in the big toe is shifted. Wearing running shoes that are too tight or narrow may cause bunions. Additionally, wearing narrow shoes outside of running can cause bunions.

Achilles tendonitis

Achilles tendonitis occurs when the Achilles tendon is damaged. This tendon runs from the lower leg to the heel bone. This condition can happen to runners when they increase the intensity of their run too suddenly. If you have Achilles tendonitis, you may experience aching or stiffness in the back of the leg.


How is Foot Pain Treated?

If you are a runner and you are experiencing foot or ankle pain, seek help from a foot doctor near you. Our foot doctors will ask you about your symptoms and perform a physical examination to determine what is going on with your foot. From there, they may use imaging to confirm diagnosis.

Your foot and ankle doctor may recommend the following treatments for foot pain:


Tips to Prevent Foot Pain  

If you are a runner who is experiencing foot and ankle pain, here are some simple changes you can make to prevent foot pain:


Seek Help from a Foot Doctor Near You

If you are a runner that is experiencing foot pain, seek the help of a foot surgeon near you. Our foot and ankle doctors are located in Nashville, Franklin, and Brentwood, TN. They have experience treating ankle sprains, Achilles tendon injuries, Morton’s neuroma, stress fractures, metatarsalgia, plantar fasciitis, arthritis of the foot and ankle, sesamoiditis, and more!

To schedule an appointment with one of our orthopedic surgeons specializing in the foot and ankle, call us or request an appointment online.

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