Foot Doctor Testimonials: Sheryl

Dr. Willers Ankle Pain Patient, Sheryl

Initial Struggles with Ankle Pain

I have had issues with ankle pain going back to when I was about nine or ten. I remember rolling my ankle while playing field hockey, and it has been an issue ever since. I live a very active lifestyle that includes hiking, squash, tennis, and running. However, my ankle pain had gotten so bad that these activities were no longer an option.


Foot and Ankle Doctor in Nashville, TN, Dr. Jeffrey Willers

I tried giving physical therapy a go, and while it did help to an extent, I still had limitations due to my ankle pain. After talking with Dr. Jeffrey Willers at Elite Sports Medicine + Orthopedics in Nashville, TN, I decided that surgery was my best course of action.

Dr. Willers has been amazing to work with. Before my ankle surgery, he took the time to listen to my concerns. I never felt rushed under his care. I tend to ask a million questions, and he was patient with me and explained the surgery well. We set expectations and my recovery is coming along amazingly.


Physical Therapy at MPower

Following my surgery, I have been rehabbing at MPower Physical Therapy. We did a little bit of work prior to the surgery, but we have seen real progress after Dr. Willers’ surgery.

At first, there wasn’t a whole lot I could do. I couldn’t even perform a calf raise! Now I’m doing lunges, squats, running, and range of motion exercises. Before the surgery, exercises like these were a bit tougher. I definitely couldn’t perform them to the extent that I am now. I’ve even improved parts of my body that I had never worked on before, such as hip strength.


The AlterG Anit-Gravity Treadmill at MPower Physical Therapy

One machine that has helped me out quite a bit over at MPower is the AlterG anti-gravity treadmill. The anti-gravity treadmill lets you run at a lowered body weight, making movement easier. I started at 60% of my body weight and have been able to work my way up to 75% now. I’m coming along using this machine. There is no way I could run on my ankle yet without it and the fact that I can run at all feels great.


Moving Forward

For the amount of work Dr. Willers did to relieve my ankle pain, I’m very happy with where I am after just 4 months. I’ve completed marathons and triathlons, so getting to a point where I’m ready to for something like that again is my goal. I’m recovering now and on my way to getting there. Thank you to both Dr. Willers and MPower Physical Therapy for getting me this far. It’s been incredible. 


Dr. Willers is a foot doctor in Nashville, TN that treats a wide range of conditions in the foot and ankle. If you are in pain and live in middle Tennessee, easily book an appointment with this foot specialist near you.

Nick Flory Nick is the Marketing Manager for Elite Sports Medicine + Orthopedics. He has been writing and reviewing medical content since 2018.

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