Arthritis Pain Prevention

Walking to prevent arthritis


Arthritis is a common reason that patients come to see us at Elite Sports Medicine + Orthopedics. Learn what causes arthritis and tips to reduce your risk of developing arthritis. 


What Causes Arthritis? 

Arthritis may occur for many reasons. Previous injury to a joint or repetitive use of a joint can cause arthritis. Additionally, things like weight, age, genetics, and autoimmune issues can all have an impact on your chances of developing arthritis. 


How Can I Prevent Arthritis?

Arthritis isn't always preventable; however, there are steps you can take to reduce your risk, or reduce your arthritis from worsening. Try the following orthopedic tips to live a more pain-free lifestyle:


1. Manage Your Weight

Being overweight can put pressure on the back, knees, and feet. If you are overweight, it is more likely that you will develop arthritis. Talk to a medical professional about developing a weight loss plan.


2. Move Your Body Daily

Daily movement is so healthy for your joints. Focus on low impact movement such as walking, biking, or swimming. Weightlifting and stretching can also be beneficial for joint health. 


3. Avoid Inflammatory Foods

Inflammation can lead to arthritis pain. Avoid eating too many inflammatory foods like fast food, highly processed food, food high in sugar, and alcohol. In addition, try incorporating anti-inflammatory foods into your diet such as olive oil, nuts, fish, fruit, green leafy vegetables, and more. 


4. Protect Your Joints from Injury

If you are an athlete, there is a chance that you will get injured at some point. Often arthritis can develop after an injury. Therefore, it is important to protect yourself from injury as best as you can. 


5. Invest in Ergonomic Office Equipment

Repetitive movement can lead to injury, which can lead to arthritis. Office jobs can lead to hand and upper extremity pain, neck pain, and back pain

It is important to have ergonomic equipment when you are working a desk job, or any job to protect your joints. 


Seek Help from an Arthritis Specialist Near You

If you are experiencing joint pain, stiffness, swelling, or redness, it may be a sign that you have arthritis. Seek help from an arthritis specialist near you to determine a proper treatment plan.

At Elite Sports Medicine + Orthopedics, our orthopedic surgeons can help treat foot arthritis, knee arthritis, hand arthritis, hip arthritis, and more! To schedule an appointment with one of our orthopedic providers, call us or request an appointment online. 





Marina von Rutenberg Marina is the Marketing Coordinator for Elite Sports Medicine + Orthopedics. She has been writing and reviewing medical content since 2021.

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