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Wrist Pain Exercises

Wrist rotation stretch



If you work a job where you are typing often, or you have arthritis, it is likely that you will experience wrist pain. Exercising your wrists can help to build strength and increase flexibility. Try these exercises for pain relief and prevention of wrist pain.



Prayer Stretch




Wrist Extensor Stretch




Wrist Flexor Stretch




Wrist Rotation




Side-to-Side Stretch




Wrist Circles




Seated Clenched Fists




Palm Pulses




Thumb and Upper Wrist Stretch




Figure Eight




If any of these exercises are causing you pain, please stop or adapt the exercise. If you are experiencing wrist pain, come see one of our wrist specialists, Dr. Sam Crosby, or Dr. Thomas Dovan. Our wrist doctors can discuss treatment options with you and refer you to a physical therapist.


Marina von Rutenberg

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