Orthopedist Spotlight: Meet Team Raab - Experts in Orthopedics and Swimming

Dr. Raab and NCAA Champion Daughter




A Family of Swimmers

Dr. Raab met his wife Jamie in college at Stanford Universitywhere she as an NCAA Championship winning swimmer. Of course, with a shared love for swimming, years later it would only make sense to raise a house full of swimmers. One daughter even went on to follow her mom’s footsteps at Stanford by winning an NCAA Championship of her own. 

From winning all 4 years of the state championship in high school to competing in the Olympic trials, all 5 of Dr. Raab’s children have had successful swimming careers. That being said, they have seen their fair share of aches and pains as high-level athletes. Lucky for them, their dad and colleagues are specialists in sports medicine. Allie Raab, Pac-12 and NCAA Champion at Stanford, recently had shoulder surgery with Dr. Elrod, and Meaghan Raab, SEC and NCAA Champion at University of Georgia, has seen Dr. Moore for knee pain. 




Orthopedic Injuries in Swimming

As a repetition sport, overuse injuries are extremely common in swimmingSwimmers encounter knee, hip, and back pain, but the most common conditions stem from shoulder pain. Proper technique and comprehensive shoulder strengthening and stretching are vital to prolong a swimmer’s career. Take Dr. Raab’s words for it: 

“I’ve seen it in my own swimmers and in countless others. Like so many sports, coaching is the key to developing proper stroke techniques, and to designing work outs appropriate for any skill level. As kids grow and their bodies change, techniques and training regimens also must change. If they do not, that’s when athletes can get into trouble.” 

Even then, injuries can and do still happen and need to be addressed in a timely fashion. That is often one of the hardest things, as swimmers are known to try and minimize the level discomfort they are experiencing, often for fear of being taken out of the pool for rest, therapy, or even surgery. Attentive coaches and parents and a healthy line of communication with your athlete are critical. 


If you would like to learn more about Dr. Raab, you can visit his page here. 

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