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Farrah Castleman with Dr. David Moore

Farrah Castleman is a senior basketball player at Massac County High School in Illinois. Farrah became a patient of Dr. David Moore with Elite after two separate injuries on the court.


ACL Tear During Freshman Year

In Farrah’s freshman year, she suffered the injury every athlete fears – an ACL tear. Though ACL tears can be devastating, Farrah’s story is one of inspiration.


She was determined to get back on the court, and to do so, she needed to see the best knee doctor possible.


ACL Reconstruction

Her parents searched for well-known orthopedic surgeons that perform ACL reconstruction, leading them to Elite’s Dr. Moore and his sports medicine staff.


After several people recommended Elite and Dr. Moore to her parents, the family decided to make the 2 ½ hour trip to Nashville, TN to see him.


Shortly after, Dr. Moore performed a successful knee surgery.


Post-Operation Return to Basketball

After surgery, Farrah was able to return to running and practice in as little as 4 months. This put Farrah back on the court doing what she loves most.


She played high school basketball for another two years before being faced with another hurdle in her basketball career.


A Second ACL Tear

Unfortunately, following a successful return to court, Farah would suffer a second ACL tear. This time, the tear occurred in the opposite knee.


Any athlete would want to finish their senior year on top, so being faced with yet another major injury was a difficult challenge to overcome.


A Second Trip to See Dr. Moore

Farah had such a successful outcome working with Dr. Moore as her knee doctor that she decided to see him again.


Dr. Moore’s staff worked quickly to get her into surgery, and she once again received great treatment. After the ACL reconstruction and weeks of physical therapy, she was able to make it back for the start of her senior season.


Making it back in time for the start of the season was her goal, but it is not where this story ends.


Farah's Achievements on the Court

Despite two different ACL tears, two surgeries and many hours of physical therapy, Farrah was still able to reach several achievements her senior year.


She received the Kam Chumbler Leadership Award and scholarship; the first female athlete to receive the award. This award was based on leadership, skills on the basketball court, and achievements in the classroom.


She also was named All Conference (x3), All South (x2) and All State (x2). She even was able to make the 1000th point mark her senior year. Needless to say, she crushed her goals and came back stronger than ever with the help of Dr. Moore and Elite Sports Medicine. Farrah states:


“I am so grateful for Dr. Moore and his staff that gave me excellent care and allowed me to get back to the game that I love.”






Wayne Rosatino with Dr. Gregory Raab

Wayne Rosatino had previously been treated for shoulder pain at Elite by Dr. David Moore. Wayne would later find his way back after suffering constant knee pain. Here's what Wayne said about his experience receiving treatment for his knee.

Knee Replacement Surgery

"The knee replacements were a tougher pill to swallow.

Dr. Moore was honest with me and told me that my knee pain was a different story. He said that by the time I had gotten to him, my knees were already in rough shape. That is not something I was ready to hear.

I eventually wrapped my head around it and met with Dr. Raab, who specializes in knee replacement surgery. He sat down and answered every question I had, and then addressed some more I hadn’t even considered. I had an amazing experience at the hospital, and everyone was extremely professional. Surgery couldn’t have gone any better."

Physical Therapy in Franklin, TN

After knee replacement surgery, Wayne went to MPower for physical therapy.

"I started with a walker, but after working on range of motion and flexibility, I was able to walk on my own again soon. I moved around much better and the knee pain regressed as my physical therapy continued. Seven weeks in and I’m working on building strength now. Overall, I’m way ahead of where I’d thought I’d be. My physical limitations are very minor.

My physical therapist at MPower has made a huge difference during my recovery. She pushes me to do better, but she also makes sure that I do not overdo it. She ensures that each exercise is performed correctly to avoid injury.

I’ve come a long way with the help of the Elite’s orthopedic specialists and the staff at MPower Physical Therapy. I’m thankful for the orthopedic care they have provided me along the way."





Our goal at Elite Sports Medicine + Orthopaedics is to get you back to doing what you love. Knee injuries and ACL tears can be daunting, but our orthopedic surgeons in Middle Tennessee know what it takes to get you back in the game.


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