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Could Julio Jones' 2020 Hamstring Injury Affect His First Season with the Titans?

Julio Jones with the Atlanta Falcons

What to Expect with Julio Jones’ Hamstring Injury in His First Season with the Titans

Seven-time pro bowler and future Hall of Famer, Julio Jones, is on the move to the Tennessee Titans for the 2021-2022 NFL season.

The recently announced trade includes a 2022 second-round draft pick and 2023 fourth-round pick from the Titans in exchange for Jones and a sixth-round pick from the Atlanta Falcons.


Jones’ role in his new offense

The acquisition is vital to providing relief for star running back, Derrick Henry, who rushed for 2,027 yards in last year’s regular season. Adding Jones should force opposing defense to avoid stacking the box at the line of scrimmage and open holes for Henry, while also providing a serious weapon to the Titans’ pass game.

That improving pass offense includes All-Pro wide receiving counterpart, A.J. Brown. Brown recognized Jones as a role model growing up and even attributes his style of play to him.

But Jones’ impact may extend farther than the field. His experience and presence in the locker room should prove invaluable in the coming season.


What’s the catch?

Despite showing no decline in his game and remaining a top receiver in the league year after year, Jones’ age (32) is often brought up in discussions about future output. After all, ten years in the NFL can take a toll.

But even more relevant may be that Jones missed 7 games last season due to hamstring strains.


What is a hamstring strain?

A hamstring strain occurs when one of the muscles in the back of the thigh becomes overstretched and tears. Three muscles may be affected by hamstring strains:

Strains vary by severity, but most heal with time and do not require surgery. Many are resolved with the RICE method: rest, ice, compress, elevate.

However, more severe cases require other treatment methods like physical therapy or even surgery.



What’s next for Julio Jones?

Chad Price, M.D., a Sports Medicine Specialist in Nashville, TN with Elite Sports Medicine + Orthopedics, provides insight into Jones’ injury:

“As long as Jones had time to heal and focused on rehab in the off-season, I think his success looks hopeful.”

With a long off-season and efficient rehab, we may see yet another successful season for the standout wide receiver on his new team.

Cassie Whittaker Communications Coordinator

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