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Elite Sports Medicine + Orthopedics is home to the best hand and upper extremity specialists in Nashville. Here is what some of our patients have to say about their experience at Elite:



Lillian - Dr. Sam Crosby Patient 

The Diagnosis

I had 0% use of my right arm. Before surgery, I could not raise my hand more than 3” from a flat surface. Dr. Crosby did my left wrist surgery (arthritis) and a trick finger. Before surgery, the pain was so severe and I was unable to do ANYTHING!

The Experience with Dr. Crosby

Previous to seeing Dr. Crosby, I was seen by another surgeon in the area.  They wanted to do a cut in my forearm and remove a piece of cartilage, to use in my wrist surgery.  I wasn’t looking forward to that wrist surgery.  A few days later, I was at Costco (wearing my hand splint) when a worker asked me why I was wearing my splint.  She told me she had that same problem and told me to see Dr. Crosby because they do that particular surgery differently.  I decided to get a second opinion and made my appointment with Dr. Crosby. 

After my first visit, he explained how differently he approached this wrist surgery, I scheduled my surgery date.  Since that time, I also had my rotator cuff surgery performed by Dr. Crosby.  I would not trust any other doctor than Dr. Crosby for any surgery that includes the hand, arm, or shoulder! He is a very caring and professional surgeon. I recommend him to all my friends and family!


Natalie - Ballet Dancer and Dr. Tom Dovan Patient

Natalie Broke Her Arm

Natalie jumped off a swing and broke her arm when she was eleven years old. After two unsuccessful surgeries at another orthopedic practice, Natalie’s arm healed poorly and limited her mobility. She has been a very dedicated ballet student from a young age, and a deformed arm would limit her potential.

Natalie's Journey to Meeting Dr. Dovan

We took Natalie to see one of the most well-respected arm surgeons in the Nashville area, who told us that her arm could not be corrected and that we should encourage her to see ballet only as a hobby.  Our pediatrician recommended that we get a second opinion from Elite, where we met Dr. Dovan. At our first consultation, Dr. Dovan said, "I can fix it. It may take me a while, but I can fix it." After three successful surgeries, her arm is now corrected and she is off to New York City this summer to study ballet!  

Her Experience with Dr. Dovan 

Dr. Dovan is, in our minds, a miracle worker!  He is an amazing surgeon unafraid to try something unconventional. On top of that, he is reassuring with children and their parents.  Dr. Dovan really listened to Natalie describe what she needed from her arm to be able to succeed in ballet.

Her Experience at Elite 

Every person we have encountered at Elite, from Dr. Dovan to the Physical Therapists, to the Front Desk Team, is extremely professional and warm. Dr. Dovan's staff even came to watch one of Natalie's ballet performances!

Life After Surgery 

We are now able to watch our daughter pursue her dreams. We cannot express how grateful we are. If it must be right or anyone else says it cannot be done, go to Dr. Dovan with Elite Sports Medicine + Orthopedics.

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