Physical Therapy Testimonials: DeMarco Murray

Demaro Murray Came to MPower for Physical Therapy




Demarco Murray, former NFL running back came to see our friends at MPOWER Performance Institute. Here's what he has to say about his experience with MPOWER:


Knee Pain Prior to MPower Physical Therapy

I started coming to MPower after suffering a bone bruise MCL injury this past year. I wanted to get my knee feeling right so I would be in a position to play again if I chose to.



MPower's Impact on Rehab

Prior to coming to MPower, my recovery was moving substanially slower than I would have liked.

Upon coming here for my physical therapy and working with Dan, that recovery has sped up tremendously.

Dan has provided a lot of deep tissue work and quad isolation. I’m not at my end goal quite yet, but it’s a work in progress and I’m happy with how things are going so far. How my knee feels now is very different than when I first started coming in.

One thing I can telll you is that I have noticed that my strength has gotten better.

As a player, you don’t really workout the little muscles and things like that. Being able to work on new aspects of my body like my balance, my hips, and my flexibility are little things that have helped me along the way.




This partnership at MPOWER is helping me get my body back right, and it’s definitely a step in the right direction. Thank you to everyone here for the professionalism you have shown me. It’s always great to come here, workout, and not have to worry about anything. The people I’ve worked with—Dan and Colin—have done a great job and made sure that I’m well taken care of.

Nick Flory Nick is the Marketing Manager for Elite Sports Medicine + Orthopedics. He has been writing and reviewing medical content since 2018.

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