3 Tips to Decrease Your Risk of Golf Injury

Golf is a sport of repeated motions that can lead to injury if you aren’t prepared. Injuries like back pain, knee pain, and tendinitis are common and cause for missing time on the green. Fortunately, you are able to mitigate the risk of enduring these injuries by preparing on and off the course. Here are a few tips you can follow to help prevent golf injuries:


With all the twists and turns in a golf swing, one way you can lower your risk of injury is by stretching. A light stretch will increase your range of motion and prepare you for the day ahead. Mayo Clinic provides a list of stretches for golfers to apply to their warmups. After your stretch, hit the driving range to further warm-up your golf swing.

Resistance Training

Since golf lacks the physical contact of other sports, some golfers miss the importance of strength training. Unfortunately, there is a misconception that strength can only help add power to your swing. In reality, adding strength decreases your chance of suffering an injury by making your ligaments, tendons, and cartilage stronger. Add strength training to your workout routine and aid injury prevention with full-body exercises like burpees and deadlifts.

Fix Your Swing

Having a safe and fundamentally-sound swing is the best way to reduce golf injuries. If you keep your motions fluid and avoid hacking away, chances are, you have a safer swing than most Weekend Warriors. One of the easiest way to walk off the course hurt is by using improper form. For step-by-step analysis on performing a safe swing, check out the four essentials of a golf swing here.

Set yourself up for a safe and fun experience by following these tips! You can take actions to make your body more resistant to injury by stretching and implementing resistance training. On the course, practicing a safe golf swing will significantly reduce injury possibility. With all this said, sometimes injuries do happen despite your best effort to avoid them. In that case, find a sports medicine physician to help develop your rehabilitation plan.

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