3 Signs You Need to Visit a Joint Replacement Specialist

Dr. Raab, Joint Replacement Doctor

Warning signs that you need a joint replacement aren’t exactly clear-cut. While it may be difficult to determine whether a joint replacement is right for you, if you are experiencing any of the signs in this article, you should consider speaking with an orthopedic surgeon that specializes in joint replacement.

Unlike a break or muscle tear, conditions that lead to a joint replacement often involve a gradual lifestyle change where the cartilage in your joints break down. It could be years before you really start to feel the impact of your condition. Here are some warning signs you should keep an eye on.


1. Joint Pain Continues to Worsen Over the Years

If you are experiencing overwhelming joint pain that has worsened in recent years, it could be a sign that you need a joint replacement. Simple movements getting in and out of a car, going up and down stairs, bending over, rising from a seated position, or even getting out of bed might be harder than they used to be.

Unfortunately, without proper treatment, joint pain will continue to worsen and negatively impact your lifestyle. Joint replacement may or may not be your best option, but it’s best to consult an orthopedist who specializes in joint pain.

2. Other Treatments Aren’t Relieving Joint Pain

If you’re considering joint replacement as a treatment method, you've likely already exhausted other options like diet, exercise, physical therapy, injections, and medication.

While non-surgical treatment works for some, if your condition has advanced, they may not work for you. It's even possible to find temporary relief only for more pain to revisit later. If you are still experiencing hip pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, or other severe joint pain following non-surgical treatment, your doctor may suggest that you visit joint replacement specialist.

3. Your Mental Health Is Affected by Joint Pain

Joint pain can affect more than just your physical wellbeing. Excessive physical pain when ignored can take a toll on your mental health. If your joint pain is preventing you from getting enough sleep or doing the activities you love, a joint replacement could lead to a healthier mental state.

If you are experiencing serious joint pain that has gotten worse over the years and it is taking a toll on your mental health, ask your doctor about joint replacement. Seeing a joint replacement specialist may be your best option for easing joint pain when other treatment won’t work. Check to see if joint replacement is right for you.

The above signs are only a few of many that you should seek treatment for your joint pain. If you are experiencing severe pain, speak to your doctor immediately.

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