What is Arthroscopic Surgery?

Dr. Burton Elrod performing surgery



If you’ve ever been to see an orthopedic specialist, you’ve probably heard the term “scope” of the knee, shoulder, elbow, ankle or hip. But what exactly does it mean to scope a knee?



What is Arthroscopy?

Arthroscopy is a minimally-invasive surgical procedure used by orthopedic doctors to examine and treat an injured or damaged joint. Arthroscopic surgery is performed by sending a tiny instrument (arthroscope) through a small cut in the skin. The scope has a camera that enables the physician to clearly view the inside of the joint on a monitor.

Arthroscopic surgery can be used to examine the extent of an injury, but is commonly used to repair torn ligaments, cartilage, and inflamed tissues.

As with all surgeries, recovery time while be dependent on the individual. However, arthroscopic procedures are less invasive than open procedures and contribute to faster recovery times.



Why Use Arthroscopic Surgery Over Open Surgery?

Arthroscopic surgery is recommended by orthopedic surgeons when possible. Athletes often use this procedure because of its faster recovery period.

The use of an arthroscope can result in shorter recovery times, less pain after surgery, fewer risks associated with complications, and turns what might be an inpatient procedure into an outpatient procedure, saving both time and money.



How Do I Prepare for Arthroscopic Surgery?



Orthopedic specialists use arthoscopic surgery to treat conditions like inflammation, torn cartilage or ligaments, damaged tendons in the shoulder, and bone spurs. If you are experiencing pain, limited mobility, or weakness within your joints, arthroscopic surgery may be an option.

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