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Cameron Flynn, Jupiter Hammerheads Minor League

“I could not ask for anything better concerning my diagnosis, surgery and recovery from 2 operations that repaired a torn ECU tendon sheath in both of my wrists. I was equally impressed with the professionalism and personal commitment Dr. Dovan and his team at Elite exhibited before and after each surgery. Personal phone calls to… Read More

Troy Gentry, Musician

“The experience was tremendous. Dr. Elrod and I hit it off right out of the gate, and have been friends ever since. The personal touch and communication back and forth, between doctor and patient was excellent. I felt very good about having him do the work on both my knee and shoulder.”

Russ Pulley, SEC Football Official

I have never seen a staff that is so largely made up of entirely top quality people from top to bottom. It is clear after being exposed to them for 10 minutes that the atmosphere created by the management at Elite encourages quality people to not only come to work there but to stay.

Jenna Link

Jena has been performing flips and stunts since she has been four years old. All of her hard work and effort has landed her on the sidelines of NFL stadiums on Sundays. Jena has been a part of the Tennessee Titans Cheerleading squad for six years and has been named Captain for the last two.… Read More

Clay Cook, Elite Sports Medicine X-Ray Tech

I have developed a growing passion for mountain biking over the past year. It has brought me to meet new friends, travel to beautiful places and I love the adrenaline rush of speeding past trees at over 20 mph. There are many injuries involved in this extreme sport and I unfortunately suffered a fracture in… Read More

Aaron Brill

“The labral tear in my hip and subsequent surgery to repair it has resulted in the longest I have been off baseball since I was about 3 years old! It reminds me how much I love it and why I play- I cannot wait to get back to playing. I am feeling great now and… Read More

Volleyball Player

Carris Campbell

High school senior at Christ Presbyterian Academy, Carris Campbell, has been playing competitive volleyball for a few years. Early on in her volleyball career during her freshman year, her shoulder started to hurt, “but I didn’t think anything of it, I had heard shoulder pain was common.” She continued to play, and starting around her… Read More

Wesley Cash

“I’m kind of the poster boy for this cartilage replacement, and my doctor has treated me like the President of the United States.” Wesley Cash, Tennis Player, on his chondrocyte implantation surgery by Dr. David Moore

Lisa Poteete

After several procedures on her lower back coupled with varying doses of pain medication, Lisa Poteete was struggling with life. “My life was taken away from me and I was unable to do everything that I enjoyed. My back pain was interfering with my daily activities, my hobbies and my relationship with my family.” After… Read More

Brian Gardner – Owner/President of Body Shop Fitness

Over the past 20 years Brian Gardner, Owner of Body Shop Fitness in Mount Juliet, has always been involved in competitive sports ranging from bodybuilding to triathlon to strongman competitions. During the fall of 2012 his competitive nature was put on standstill due to a shoulder injury that needed attention. After researching local and regional… Read More

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