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Darin Anderson

I’ve come a long way with the help of Dr. Moore and Leslie. Dr. Moore helped me locate the core issues of my conditions and physical therapy has improved my body to a point that I feel great and am happy again.

Taneisha Alexander

I reached out to Elite and was promptly seen by Dr. Moore. He was able to get me in and out quickly, but not before answering all the questions I had for him. I was mostly worried about the downtime and being able to resume normal activities, but he was able to help me build expectations from our visit. Those expectations have since been met.

Vicki Archer

I’m functioning much better than I was before. I’m able to grocery shop and take care of my family again. I can fold clothes, reach for items, and do all these smalls things that previously caused me pain. My therapy has only moved forwards.

Judy Smith

I love Dr. Crosby so much. He is a super doctor, but more importantly, a super person. As for my physical therapy – you can’t beat Leslie. She is the epitome of a good physical therapist.

Danny Baxter

Without the help of Elite and MPOWER, I don’t think I would have come this far. When Dr. Elrod comes into the patient’s room, he is engaging. He is friendly, but also tells me how it is. He educated me about the condition and explained what I would need to do to see the results I wanted. He’s been the best orthopedic surgeon I have ever been to, bar none. It’s been a life changing experience thanks to Dr. Elrod.

Amy Brown

I’ve been able to return to most normal activities again and have even gone back to a bootcamp to work out. I’ve achieved some weight loss and I am hoping to regain the full mobility that I had prior to the injury.

Chris Hope – Super Bowl Champion

When you play football, you have this mentality that you’re unstoppable and don’t know what pain is. You’re a warrior. But when you’re not playing, you start to feel all these battle wounds you’ve suffered over the years. It’s tough. My biggest issues were my neck and my knee. Having played professionally for years, Dr.… Read More

Sheryl Thomas

Dr. Willers has been amazing. Before the surgery, he took his time and listened to my concerns. I never felt rushed under his care. I tend to ask a million questions and he was patient with me and explained the surgery well. We set expectations and my recovery is coming along amazingly.

Kenneth Lee

When I was younger, I used to play sports and lead an active lifestyle. Over time, my lifestyle had to change. I was told years ago that I would eventually need to have surgery on my knees. My ability to move had become so limited that I recall having trouble catching a plane. I came… Read More

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