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Taneisha Alexander

I fell a few years ago and tore my ACL. Towards the end of last year, I woke up one morning and realized it was injured once again. I couldn’t walk or move around.

I reached out to Elite and was promptly seen by Dr. Moore. He was able to get me in and out quickly, but not before answering all the questions I had for him. I was mostly worried about the downtime and being able to resume normal activities, but he was able to help me build expectations from our visit. Those expectations have since been met.

We had surgery and I began physical therapy with Leslie the next day. When I started, I could not even lift my leg. I’ve improved greatly since that day. I’m doing exercises like squats and lunges, which would have been impossible before. I’m also back to walking without a limp.

Leslie keeps my therapy fun. It seems like we hardly ever do the same exercises twice. My recovery has taken time, but I feel better now. I’ve improved and I’m continuing to improve. It’s been good.

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