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Lisa Poteete

After several procedures on her lower back coupled with varying doses of pain medication, Lisa Poteete was struggling with life. “My life was taken away from me and I was unable to do everything that I enjoyed. My back pain was interfering with my daily activities, my hobbies and my relationship with my family.”

After seeing several doctors and being told to continue with pain management as there was no real cure for her lower back pain, Lisa went in search of a physician practice that waswilling to listen and help! Referred to Elite by one of her clients, Lisa found Dr. Chris Glattes and Dr. Colin Crosby. “Dr. Glattes and Dr. Crosby have truly given me my life back and I am thankful for them. I can’t adequately express how blessed I am to have found Elite Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Center. ”

Through Dr. Glattes and Dr. Crosby working together as a team, Lisa underwent L4-S1 spinal surgery on September 26, 2013. The team of spinal surgeons, performed an XLIF Procedure, (XLIF – eXtreme Lateral Interbody Fusion) at Saint Thomas Midtown Hospital. After surgery, Lisa spent a few days in the hospital before beginning her physical therapy at Elite. “Physical Therapy was a long twelve week process, going twice a week.” Admittedly painful early on, she stuck it out. “I was in great hands with the physical therapists downtown at Elite Sports Medicine and new they were a key part in my recovery.”

Poteete-Sting-Ray“One of my passions in life is Scuba diving. It is an interest that my entire family shares and it was something that was taken away from me due to the excruciating pain I was in.” Now, thirteen months post-op, Lisa recently returned from a diving trip with her husband in celebration of their 10th wedding anniversary. “I was able to complete 20 dives in 12 days with no pain, no discomfort and no soreness! I have Elite Physical Therapy and Drs. Glattes and Crosby to thank for restoring the joy of physical completeness to my life.”

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