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Kenneth Lee

Kenneth Lee

When I was younger, I used to play sports and lead an active lifestyle. Over time, my lifestyle had to change. I was told years ago that I would eventually need to have surgery on my knees. My ability to move had become so limited that I recall having trouble catching a plane.

I came across Elite after being told I would need total knee replacement in both of my knees if I wanted to return to daily activities with less pain. At that point, my knees were so bad that no type of therapy would be able to help. There were a few doctors that were recommended to me but I did my own research and discovered Elite – I mean, it doesn’t get better than Elite, does it?

I visited Dr. Raab and he told me that I was likely in more pain than I realized. He believed that I had learned to live with the pain. My x-rays were so bad and he didn’t understand why I wasn’t begging him for pain medicine or anything like that.

After surgery, I began my rehabilitation program. When I first got to MPOWER, I could hardly do anything but hurt. They started me off small, doing step-ups and stretching, things that helped me become accustomed to these movements. As I continued with the program, they tracked my progress and moved me to more complicated activities as I became ready.

I’m doing so well now that I’m actually able to push 250 pounds on a machine using my legs and knees. I would not have been able to do that before my surgery. I’d like to thank Dr. Raab and Kurt for helping me come this far.

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