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Judy Smith

I fell and broke my left arm in 2017. I began physical therapy at Elite, but later learned that I would require a shoulder replacement.

I met with Dr. Crosby and he was sympathetic toward my situation. He went into detail about my injury, proposed a solution and ensured that it would be handled with absolute care.

Working with him has been marvelous. He’s such a kind man with all his patients’ wellbeing at heart. He’s gone above and beyond in my care. We discovered that my bone suffered from deterioration, which eventually led to my shoulder replacement. It was a difficult situation that Dr. Crosby resolved.

As you can imagine, my surgery left me quite limited. However, with the help of Dr. Crosby and Leslie, my physical therapist here at Elite, I’ve been able to return to the activities required of daily life. I can now reach my arms above my head and do housework such as cooking and cleaning. Life’s a lot easier now that I have some of that functionality back.

The level of care I’ve received at Elite has been head and shoulders above anything I’ve ever experienced from other therapy places. The treatment I’ve received, and witnessed for other patients here, makes me wish I had come to Elite for previous care.

I love Dr. Crosby so much. He is a super doctor, but more importantly, a super person. As for my physical therapy – you can’t beat Leslie. She is the epitome of a good physical therapist.

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