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Jena-Titans-GameJena has been performing flips and stunts since she has been four years old. All of her hard work and effort has landed her on the sidelines of NFL stadiums on Sundays. Jena has been a part of a cheerleading squad in the NFL for six years and has been named Captain for the last two. During this time, like many other athletes, Jena has had her setbacks along her journey. In 2012, during practice on a November day, Jena’s knee popped and her ACL gave out. There was no question, at this time, who she would call on to help her. “Dr. Burton Elrod has been nothing less than fantastic. He is the best around and truly cares about his patients and till this day, checks up on me during game day.”

Still being determined to get back to the sidelines, Jena knew that she would have some hard work ahead of her through recovery and physical therapy. “My phtiysical therapist at Elite, Erin, has been with me every step of the way. She has truly been a huge part to my success in getting back to where I currently am. The team approach of physicians and physical therapists has been great.” Once again Jena’s hard work took center stage as she was able to run three months later as well as audition for the 2013 squad five months after ACL surgery with Dr. Elrod.

“I was able to get back to cheering due to Dr. Elrod and Erin’s help. They both have been great and very approachable anytime I have needed them.” This sort of patient care and Jena’s grit has gotten her back to full recovery. She is now back to feeling like a kid and dancing once again as she once did at the age of four! “Through my overall experience, I would most definitely recommend Dr. Elrod and Elite Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Center to anyone that asks. They have gotten me back doing what I love to do!”

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