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Debbie Owen

“I’ve always had back issues, I’ve always been a super active person, and once the pain got to be too much, I started going to physical therapy. I felt better, so I joined Zumba classes and I think that set me off. I thought it was a hip problem, and when I came in to see Dr. Moore, he looked at my x-rays and saw I had a pretty bad case of scoliosis, and he recommended me to Dr. Glattes, who also found that I suffered from Spinal Stenosis. I did more physical therapy & steroid shots in the back for the pain but I still wasn’t able to walk or exercise much which caused me to gain weight. After doing that for almost 2 years, Dr. Glattes did surgery on my back, and I came out of the surgery with almost no pain at all! I was up and about doing things on my own, which amazed me that I could do those things after major surgery. During all of it, Dr. Glattes was very reassuring, stayed positive, and helped me along the way. Once I had the energy to work out again and be active, I felt like a million dollars! I lost over 60 lbs, did the 100 Mile Walk Challenge with the Mayor and my group was the first to reach the 100 miles; I’m now the Wellness Champion at work, and Ifeel like I’m 30 years old again!”

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