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Darin Anderson

I visited Elite because I had an acute elbow issue. I love playing basketball, but my elbow injury led to constant pain, impairing my ability to play.

Dr. Moore has a great reputation and I felt he would be my best option to find a solution. He diagnosed my injury as a tricep tendon tear and prescribed physical therapy at Elite, which helped tremendously.

When the injury happened, I couldn’t even shoot a basketball. Nowadays, I’m out there playing for two hours. It feels great!

Another issue that I’ve dealt with for a while is constant knee pain. Since I was already being seen at Elite, I wanted to have my knee checked out. Well, it turns out that I had the knee of someone well beyond my age.

I’ve been working with Leslie and Lauren, who have given me exercises to help both issues. They’re great about making sure I’m using proper form and coaching me through each exercise. They also listen to my feedback and keep therapy fun.

I’ve come a long way with the help of Dr. Moore and Leslie. Dr. Moore helped me locate the core issues of my conditions and physical therapy has improved my body to a point that I feel great and am happy again.

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