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Danny Baxter

I’ve had knee problems since I played high school football in 1979, when I tore my ACL. I’ve seen multiple orthopedic surgeons in Nashville over the years but was never given the clearest picture about the underlying problem in my knees. I was told Dr. Elrod was the best and scheduled an appointment with his team. Dr. Elrod and his physician assistant, Stephen, were able to soon diagnose me with a rare condition called melorheostosis.

Dr. Elrod’s work has been unbelievable. I’ve been able to get much more flexion in my knee and he’s never made me feel like just another patient. He’s spent the time with me to look for other places that may have more information about this special condition. I believe he has gotten me as far as I can possibly be.

There’ve been other issues in the last couple years in my shoulder and biceps. Dr. Elrod has taken care of those with successful surgeries, as well. I do an annual elk hunt that requires me to pull back a 70-pound bow – difficult to do with an injured shoulder. I had surgery to ensure that I would be able to go on this trip. The surgery did wonders, and I came to MPOWER Performance Institute for physical therapy.

I’ve been to other physical therapy places before. They were good, but when I came here, it topped them all. I’ve worked with Rochelle and Caroline, who are both kind and compassionate people. Rochelle researched melorheostosis so that she could find out the best way to perform therapy around my condition. They took great care of me following my shoulder surgery and I was able to make my annual trip to Colorado.

My main goal now is to get full flexibility and extension back in my knee. The progression has been amazing. With the help of Dr. Elrod and the MPOWER team, I’m currently able to straighten it to four degrees. Before knee surgery, I couldn’t straighten my leg out at all.

Without the help of Elite and MPOWER, I don’t think I would have come this far. When Dr. Elrod comes into the patient’s room, he is engaging. He is friendly, but also tells me how it is. He educated me about the condition and explained what I would need to do to see the results I wanted. He’s been the best orthopedic surgeon I have ever been to, bar none. It’s been a life changing experience thanks to Dr. Elrod.

Rochelle and Caroline have been great to me, too. MPOWER has built a facility consisting of professionalism and top care. I sincerely thank everyone involved in my treatment and therapy from both Elite and MPOWER.

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