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Chris Hope – Super Bowl Champion

Chris Hope - A Leader on and Off the Field

When you play football, you have this mentality that you’re unstoppable and don’t know what pain is. You’re a warrior. But when you’re not playing, you start to feel all these battle wounds you’ve suffered over the years. It’s tough.

My biggest issues were my neck and my knee. Having played professionally for years, Dr. Elrod and I became very good friends and he became someone that I trusted with my health. Elite used to do our physicals every year before we went into training camp, so I built great relationships with him and his team.

Dr. Elrod has always had a first-class character. We developed a friendship over the years, and he cared about my well being more than you would expect of just the average doctor. He wanted what was right for me, rather than looking out for his own interests. I felt safe in his hands.

I’m a tough guy and I had the mentality that your team needs you and that you need to be there for your team. Dr. Elrod was honest with me and told me I needed to give my body rest. It was heartfelt because it’s rare to find doctors or coaches around the league that will tell you that you need to do what’s best for you. During my time playing professional football, Dr. Elrod made it clear that for the team to get the best of me, and for me to sustain my own health, that I needed to not push my injuries.

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