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Brian Gardner – Owner/President of Body Shop Fitness

Over the past 20 years Brian Gardner, Owner of Body Shop Fitness in Mount Juliet, has always been involved in competitive sports ranging from bodybuilding to triathlon to strongman competitions. During the fall of 2012 his competitive nature was put on standstill due to a shoulder injury that needed attention. After researching local and regional physicians and taking advice from a friend, Brian decided to stay local and see Dr. Burton Elrod. “He takes care of the Tennessee Titans and some of the best athletes around. After speaking with him, I felt he would be able to help me get back to competing at a high level.”

In being a personal trainer, it was extremely important to Brian that he not only went to a top notch surgeon but was able to round that off with a well thought of physical therapist too. “With Kenny’s competitive bodybuilding background, I felt extremely comfortable working with him in that he knew and understood what I was after. Elite was able to provide me with the best of both worlds.”

“My experience at Elite Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Center starting with Dr. Elrod and my physical therapy with Kenny was fantastic. Since surgery I have been able to get back to Strongman Competitions and compete at a high level.”

tireAnd compete at a high level is exactly what Brian has done. Through flipping 700lb tires and fat bar deadlifting 520lbs, Brian has most recently won the Tennessee State Strongman Competition with an overall 1st Place finish. I think it is safe to say that Brian Gardner is fully recovered and back at full strength!!

If you too are that competitive type person being held back from either chronic or acute pain please give us, Elite Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Center, a call at 615-324-1600 to schedule an appointment with one of our physicians.

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