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Superior Capsular Reconstruction of the Shoulder

A torn rotator cuff that is beyond the point of repair may be reconstructed through a procedure called superior capsule reconstruction. Superior capsular reconstruction uses a dermal allograft (skin graft) from the lower back region of a cadaver as a patch to repair the superior shoulder capsule. The dermal allograft prevents the superior glide of the humeral head – the head ball of the shoulder – that causes the pain of impingement and lack of arm function with a bad rotator cuff tear.

Why Choose Superior Capsular Reconstruction?

  1. Superior capsular reconstruction is performed arthroscopically. Arthroscopic surgery poses less risk of infection and generally offers less pain than traditional surgery.
  2. Superior capsular reconstruction is an outpatient surgery. An outpatient surgery is one that does not require you stay overnight at a hospital. Instead, patients typically leave a few hours after surgery.
  3. Superior capsular reconstruction rehabs similarly to a rotator cuff repair. According to Dr. David Moore, the first physician in the Nashville area to offer this procedure, the post-op MRI studies of patients with superior capsular reconstruction show that the graft integrates very well into the shoulder joint capsule looking very much like the body’s own tissue at six months, and even more so at two years after surgery.

What You Need to Know

  • Superior capsular reconstruction is the best available option if your rotator cuff can’t be repaired and you do not suffer from severe arthritis
  • The rehabilitation and recovery from superior capsular reconstruction is similar to a rotator cuff repair
  • The graft used in superior capsular reconstruction will integrate into your shoulder capsule over time, as if it was your natural tissue
  • You may not be a candidate for superior capsular reconstruction if you suffer from severe arthritis
  • Elite’s shoulder specialists, located in Nashville and Franklin, Tennessee, offer superior capsular reconstruction
  • Dr. David Moore was the first physician in Nashville to perform superior capsular reconstruction

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