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Physical and Occupational Therapy

Physical therapy and occupational therapy are important parts of your orthopedic care and long-term recovery from injury.

You may be prescribed physical or occupational therapy as a treatment method at any point in your orthopedic care. Physical and Occupational Therapists are clinicians trained in assessing and improving upon your body’s function and movement. They will work with you to help rehabilitate your movement—increasing range of motion, strength, and balance—based upon agreed upon limitations and corresponding care plan.

Therapy programs are customized to each individual to maximize your quality of life and get you back to what you love to do. Adherence to your care plan, including home activities, is crucial to aid in your healing.

At Elite Sports Medicine + Orthopedics, our orthopedic specialists and therapists work closely together to provide each patient with a comprehensive and consistent care team. We want our patients to focus on their healing, not on coordinating their care between their physician and therapy team.

Types of Physical Therapy

Not all therapy is the same. As each individual has their own health goals, from pain reduction to regaining movement after surgery, therapy may include different components. Our therapists offer:

Dry Needling

Also known as trigger point dry needling or intramuscular manual therapy, this therapy allows a therapist to target muscles and trigger points not accessible through traditional manual therapy. A needle without medicine (a dry needle) is used to access these trigger points to release the muscle tension, reduce pain, and improve movement.

Occupational Therapy

An occupational therapist works with those who, due to illness, cognitive changes, or injury, require rehabilitation for their daily activities. This therapy helps patients adapt to the movements and essential functions of their everyday lives.

Active Release Therapy (ART)

This therapy targets soft tissue with a manual release. A therapist will target the injured tissue with pressure, facilitating the breakdown of the scar tissue or adhesions in the muscle. By stimulating the tissue to heal properly, patients experience improved range of motion and a decrease in pain.

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM)

Similar to ART, this therapy uses ergonomically designed tools to assist with breaking down scar tissue and improving soft tissue injuries.

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