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Hip Labral Tear

hip labral tear

The hip is a ball-and-socket joint, and around the socket, you can find a ring of cartilage called the labrum. The labrum adds stability to the hip by deepening the socket to provide a suction seal for the joint. A hip labral tear may be painful and prevent you from participating in normal activities or sports.

What Causes the Labrum to Tear?

Sports that involve constant rotations, like golf or ballet, tend to wear down cartilage, making the hip susceptible to labral tear. It may also occur suddenly due to trauma. This is seen in high-impact sports like hockey and football.

Some people are also just unlucky, born with abnormal bone shape and vulnerable to hip pain. General wear and tear over time can eventually lead to a torn labrum.

Hip Labral Tear Symptoms

A hip labral tear can cause a popping or clicking feeling. Pain may be felt in the groin but can also stretch down the upper or side of the leg.

Treatment for a Hip Labral Tear

A physician will conduct a physical examination to determine if you have suffered a torn labrum. Imaging, such as an MRI scan, is useful for confirming the diagnosis.

Your doctor may advise that you begin with conservative treatment if you have suffered a tear. Injections or physical therapy are non-surgical ways to alleviate symptoms of a labral tear and improve your strength and balance in that area.

If conservative treatment methods don’t work, your doctor may recommend surgery. Arthroscopic surgery is performed to repair the labrum and correct any bone impingements. It’s possible that the labrum is beyond repair, in which case it is debrided or trimmed away until the remaining tissue is stable.

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