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Good circulation is an important element of whole body health. Massage therapy can help stimulate and improve circulation to remove the collections of waste products in lymph that cause discomfort. It can help to relieve pain and stiffness and improve flexibility, range of motion, and tissue elasticity. Additionally, a massage can have a whole body effect, leaving you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Therapeutic massage can dramatically improve the circulation of blood and lymph throughout the body. Blood carries oxygen and nutrients to your cells that are used for energy. Blood and lymph carry waste products away from tissues. Waste products may accumulate during periods of inactivity or after vigorous exercise, causing pain, tension, spasms, stiffness, and fluid retention. The movement of lymph is primarily dependent on the constriction and pumping action of muscles.

Licensed massage therapists, physical therapists, or doctors may provide therapeutic massage. These professionals have special training in a variety of massage therapy techniques that may be used alone or in conjunction with other treatments, such as exercise therapy or chiropractics. You may receive a whole body massage or a targeted massage that focuses on a select area. 


A therapeutic massage is provided in a private and professional environment. You will wear a gown or be covered with a drape for your therapeutic massage. Your therapist will only expose the area of your body that is to be treated.

You massage may be provided with the therapist’s hands, fingers, elbows, or massage tools. Lotions or oil may be applied to your skin to help facilitate smooth gliding motions. Your therapist may use a variety of different techniques. Other types of treatment, including physical therapy, may be combined with your massage to optimize your results.

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