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Superior Capsular Reconstruction of the Shoulder – Why You Need to Know about it

Shoulder Reconstruction

Posted on: Oct 5 2017

Sometimes the shoulder is injured in such a way that the rotator cuff sustains a massive tear and there is not enough of it left to repair. Or at times a person has an old rotator cuff tear that they never did anything about and now it is in bad enough condition (frayed ends…etc.) that it cannot be repaired. For a long time the only option for these patients was a total reverse shoulder replacement—however if your shoulder joint is only mildly or moderately arthritic there is better option than a joint replacement: Superior Capsular Reconstruction.

Superior Capsular Reconstruction uses a dermal allograft (or skin graft from the low back region of a cadaver) as a patch to repair the superior shoulder capsule thus preventing the superior glide of the humeral head (the head ball of the shoulder) that causes the pain of impingement and lack of arm function with a bad rotator cuff tear.

Superior Capsular Reconstruction can be done all arthroscopically, is an outpatient surgery and rehabs very similarly to a rotator cuff repair. Says orthopedic surgeon Dr. David Moore who was the first in the Nashville area to offer this procedure, “The Post-Op MRI studies of my patient’s with superior capsular reconstruction show that the graft integrates very well into the shoulder joint capsule looking very much like the body’s own tissue at 6 months and even more so at 2 years after surgery”.

Do you or your loved one or friend have a massive rotator cuff tear?

Here is what they need to know—

• If your own rotator cuff cannot be repaired Superior Capsular Reconstruction is the best option if the arthritis in the shoulder is only mild or moderate.
• Superior Capsular Reconstruction is done 100% arthroscopically.
• The rehabilitation and recovery from superior capsular reconstruction is similar to that of a rotator cuff repair.
• The graft used in superior capsular reconstruction will over time integrate into your shoulder capsule like your own native tissue.
• If the shoulder joint is very arthritic you may not be a good candidate- the total reverse shoulder replacement may still be the best option for someone with no rotator cuff and a very arthritic shoulder joint.
• All the shoulder specialists at Elite Sports Medicine + Orthopedics in Nashville and Franklin TN are doing superior capsular reconstruction and are very pleased with the results.
• Elite’s Dr. David Moore, Head Team Physician with the Tennessee Titans, was the first in Nashville to do superior capsular reconstruction and has done more of them than anyone in the Nashville area or Middle TN.

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