Exercises for Hand Pain

Exercises for Hand Pain

There are many causes for hand pain, but hand arthritis is the most common found in patients. With many people having jobs that involve typing all day on the computer, and with the amount of time people spend on their phones every day, it is no surprise that hand pain is one of the most common kinds of pain we see. It is important to take care of your hands and do what you can to prevent things like arthritis from occurring, or at least prolong the health of your hands. If you have an occupation that requires repetitive or excessive use of your hands, here are a few tips from our hand specialists and exercises you can do to help with hand pain.


If you are experiencing slight discomfort in your hands, taking anti-inflammatories can help with swelling and pain in the hands. If you have tried resting your hands and taking these kinds of medications with no luck, try the exercises below to help manage the pain.

Making a Fist

One hand at a time, start by straitening your fingers and slowly curl your fingers into a fist with your thumb on the outside of your fist. Make sure to not squeeze too hard. Hold for 5 seconds and release your fingers straight again. Repeat this exercise 10 times and do it throughout the day.

Thumb Bend

One hand at a time, start by straitening your fingers. Bend your thumb to your palm and try to touch your pinky with your thumb. Hold this thumb there for a couple of seconds and release. Repeat 10 times and perform throughout the day.

Make a “C” Shape

Starting with your fingers straight, make a “C” shape with your hands. Release the “C” shape and return to your fingers being straight. Repeat these exercises 10 times and perform them throughout the day.

Wrist Stretch

Wrists can also contribute to pain felt in the hands. Arthritis can spread to this area causing added pain and pressure to the area. We recommend stretching them forwards and backward and/or in circles a few times a day when you have a break in your work!


My Hands Still Hurt, What Now?

If these stretches are no longer helping your pain, it is important to consult with an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in the hands. The earlier you see a doctor the more likely you are to avoid invasive treatments like surgery or injections. Once the pain starts affecting your daily activities or occupation, see a doctor!


Prevention of Hand Pain

Though these exercises are meant for treating pain, we encourage everyone to do these exercises. Most of us spend more time on our phones or computers than we think and may end up having some sort of hand pain because of it. Conditions like carpal tunnel or hand arthritis can be prevented if we take care of our hands and see a doctor before the condition worsens.



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