Spine Doctor Testimonials: Christopher Lynch's Experience with Dr. Glattes

Spine Specialist, Dr. R. Chris Glattes, Nashville, TN, and Franklin, TN

Chris Experienced Back Pain Prior to Seeing Dr. Glattes

Christopher Lynch has been a patient of Dr. Chris Glattes and Elite for three years. His journey at Elite began after initially experiencing back pain. He decided to see a spine surgeon for treatment once his symptoms were interfering with his daily activities.

Chris has mild cerebral palsy and was experiencing his back pain simply getting out of bed. He was forced to use a walker forany activity before he came to Elite. Since having surgery with Dr. Glattes, Chris has now switched to a cane and uses a walker only for long distance. Chris states:

“My goal was to be able to use a cane and stand straighter. I am proud to say I have reached these goals and am standing straighter than I ever have!  My quality of life has changed dramatically since coming to Elite.”

Cervical Laminectomy and Lumbar Fusion

Dr. Glattes specializes in spine surgery and performed a Cervical Laminectomy and Lumbar Fusion on Chris. A cervical laminectomy is an operation done from the back of the neck to relieve pressure on the spinal cord and nerves. A Lumbar Fusion is performed for spinal deformities, herniated discs or spinal weakness and instability.

Dr. Chris Glattes worked closely with Chris to develop a treatment plan to relieve his back pain. Understanding your injury and what your options are is a priority at Elite. Both Dr. Glattes and Nurse Practitioner Corrine Grgas helped Chris and his mother understand their options and prepare for surgery.

“Dr Glattes is wonderful! He explained both the neck and back procedure well to my mother and me.  I would also like to give a shout out to Corrine, the Nurse Practitioner, who was also wonderful. Dr Glattes and his entire staff are very helpful and knowledgeable!”

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