Amy Brown- Testimonial

My journey with Elite began after being diagnosed with a bulging disc. It was a painful injury that limited my active lifestyle. I did crossfit, but the back injury prevented me from continuing CF and normal daily activities. Sitting at my desk, picking something up off the floor or lifting a light object were painful.

I began seeing Dr. Colin Crosby in hopes to get back to my old lifestyle. He’s been great throughout my entire time with Elite, and he is very patient while listening to my concerns. I don’t like taking meds, so he has worked with me to offer treatment to ease the pain, but doesn’t rely solely on medication. Thankfully, I only have to use the meds on occasion.

After visiting Dr. Crosby, I started physical therapy at MPOWER Performance Institute. I’ve been working alongside Jess and Braxton, who are both great. I tell them how my body reacts to the exercises and they build my program around that. They are awesome about modifying my treatment to best suit my needs.

Another problem that I’ve been seen for is a cyst that was on my wrist. It was affecting daily life and little things like typing were becoming painful. I visited Dr. Thomas Dovan and had the cyst removed, and from there, had occupational therapy at Elite. The pain is gone and I’m back to normal activities.

My life has been impacted in a positive way from my time spent at Elite and MPOWER. I’ve been able to return to most normal activities again and have even gone back to a bootcamp to work out. I’ve achieved some weight loss and I am hoping to regain the full mobility that I had prior to the injury.

The staff at both Elite and MPOWER have been fantastic! Everybody is very nice and willing to work with me if a scheduling conflict occurs. The care has been incredible. I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Crosby, Dr. Dovan, Jess & Braxton. I’ve already recommended Elite and MPOWER to my friend when she got hurt.

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